The HTS – Hair Follicle Simulation technology, developed in Israel by NPM International, belonging to Moshe Alul, who is currently an authority on the subject, arrived at Gardel Hair Restoration.

A great advantage that prevails when receiving this technique with us, is the implementation through cutting-edge technology, surpassing the traditional methods very limited in results and appreciation.

The Micropigmentation process oscillates in a time of 3 to 8 hours of work on average, you can wear a freshly shaved hair appearance with high aesthetic and real sense, it is applied to all types of alopecia (baldness e) and even in cases of previous transplants, even with patients who have received chemotherapy treatment.

This technique does not implant hair, but it achieves an incredibly natural simulation of hair scalp birth.

With micropigmentation you will look real in less than 15 centimeters away, your current hair will not be damaged since it is applied at a depth of 2.0 mm which protects any damage. In healthy clients, microgmentation can last up to 5 years with excellent results.

Micropigmentation, is placed 2 mm away from the skin to cause realism, implemented with high technology unlike the tattoo that is injected by needles, in addition to changing colored and turns greenish or bluish.

Micropigmentation easily matches any shade or range of colors from brown, gray or black, depending on your hair color saturation.

Its application is on average of only 4 hours in its procedure in a couple of sessions with 2 weeks away, if a third session is required Gardel absorbs the cost with full guarantee of achieving the optimal results.

Another great advantage is that the technique is reversible if you wish. The pain depends on the threshold of each patient, from 1 to 10 we can say that it is 3 to 5 the average, for your procedure a mild topical anesthesia is used in its form, your skin will turn reddish in the first week after the process.

Follitech international covers with high responsibility, ethics and aesthetic sense, all its procedures with high technology in the search for the best result for you and your new image.

We guarantee the professionalism and training of our team and we can say that we offer the best service in the sector.